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Steel and Stilettos
As: Unknown
Release: 2015
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The Peppercorn Chronicles
As: Unknown
Release: 2014
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Black Hat
As: Dandi
Release: November 2013
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400 Boys
As: Friday
Release: 2013
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Midnight Stallion
As: Megan Shepard
Release: March 5th, 2013 (DVD)
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The Goodbye Girl
As: Molly
Release: 2014
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Home Alone 5: The Holiday Heist
As: Alexis Baxter
Release: Nov 28th ABC Family
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  • Jodelle Ferland in Starbound Magazine

    Jodelle is featured in March Issue of Starbound Magazine! Cover Star and inside featured on a 4 page spread article, be sure to check out the issue you can buy it online get your digital or Print Copy through the post! Check out Starbound on Facebook and Twitter check out Jodelle’s shoutout video for starbound online Youtube

    Starbound Magazine March Issue 2013

    Starbound Magazine March Issue 2013

    March Issue of Starbound Magazine Recognising Young Talent Worldwide, Featuring Cover Star Jodelle Ferland, Interviews and feature Story Winners, Zach Callison, Javon Henderson, Jayla Philips and Faithlyn Platte, Unmissable Upcoming with Cassidee and Taylee and so much more

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    danibelle     March 05, 2013     Jodelle News     Comments Off

    All New at

    Welcome to March another month, another new design for Miss Ferland! As you can see its a lot different to some of our more previous designs. In the layout you will see brand new pictures of Jodelle from a recent photoshoot! These will be available to view in the gallery later this week! Elsewhere on the website I have been working with Jodelle whilst on my visit to vancouver to update some of our sections of the website. The About Us page has been updated with new info, be sure to check out the Past Layouts section that showcase our designs back to 2005. Jodelle has updated the facts section with some all new fun trivia. We have been dealing with alot of unauthorised pages online recently on social networks, just to state Jodelle DOES NOT own a Profile, Tumblr Or Pinterest. Please check our updated page of Unofficial Pages Online if you are unsure please do not hesitate to contact us!

    Also in the sidebar you may notice some new additions and changes, I have taken the tagboard from the site, the permissions were being ignored and inappropriate comments were being made.. Yesterday whilst visiting Jodelle’s agency in Vancouver we took the time to film an all new Youtube Video Welcome Message for the website we have added some pictures of us ‘behind the scenes’ whilst in process of making the video and its online the Youtube Channel for you all to see we have a few more for you to look out for so don’t forget to subscribe! I have had the greatest few weeks here in Canada and have selected a number of images that we have taken during my time here for you all to see check them out below inside the gallery!

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    danibelle     March 03, 2013     Jodelle News, Website Updates     Comments Off

    New Gallery Theme

    Upcoming is a whole new redesign for and it will be launched for March! SUPER excited as its very different, now Jodelle has recently had new professional images taken! these will be featured in the new design but the new gallery design gives you all a sneak preview, trust me they are all FABULOUS and can’t wait to launch these with a few other surprises for March, for now check out the gallery!

    Screen Shot 2013-03-02 at 16.36.10

    danibelle     February 25, 2013     Photo Updates, Website Updates     Comments Off


    We had so much fun connecting with fans today on Twitcam, Thank you to all the fans who tuned in and took the time to connect I hope you had fun connecting and got your answers check out the archived chat below!

    danibelle     February 17, 2013     Jodelle News     Comments Off

    Live Chat!

    Jodelle and Myself will be doing a LIVE CHAT for fans this weekend! Come and join us this Saturday (16th) at 12Noon PST! we will be online on Jodelle’s Twitter @JodelleMicah don’t miss out! See you then!


    danibelle     February 14, 2013     Jodelle News     Comments Off