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Twilight and The Haunting Hour Media

Jodelles scenes of Twilight Eclipse have been uploaded to the Movie section and the full episode of The Haunting Hour has been uploaded to the TV Section linked to Youtube! Enjoy!

Icequake Media

Jodelles scenes of Icequake have been added to the movie section these are all .avi files so you will have to use a VLC media player to view them! Im working on some Case 39 and Twilight Eclipse clips as we speak Check back later for those!

Stargate Atlantis and Wonderful World

Finally up, I have made clips of Jodelles scenes in Wonderful World which you can now download from the movies section also thanks a huge bunch to Seb who has provided us with Jodelles Appearence in Stargate Atlantis, the clips can be downloaded in the Television Section enjoy and dont forget to subscribe to our Youtube Channel for more videos including a new Promo made especially for Miss Ferland that you can view in the Extras Section

New Case 39 Clip, So Weird TV Clip

Another 2 new videos along with a media center makeover! Easier to browse and a full range of media avaliable for you to download. Our latest additions..
  • Case 39 Movie Clip
  • So Weird TV Appearence

  • Case 39 and Wonderful World

    2 New videos have been added both trailers from Wonderful World and Case 39 you can view them in the Trailers section, Ive also fixed the Silent Hill clips links, Someone emailed me letting me know they were down so you can download them now!

    Celine clips

    We've added 9 clips of Jodelle in her TV movie, Celine, go to the VideosMovies page to take a look.

    Thankyou Josh

    Atlantis: Behind the scenes

    I've added 7 clips of Jodelle on the set of Stargate: Atlantis, go to the Videos>TV to take a look.

    Credit goes to Joseph Mallozzi.

    Later: I've also added the Stargate Atlantis trailer for Jodelle's episode Harmony.